Welcome to FLiPSTONZ

 FLiPSTONZ Primal Wristwear is a family business. Right now it's just Dad and I, with some help from the rest of the family using their various skills ranging from basic feedback to IT. Our family comprises a wide variety of business experiences. Barry (Dad) has 55+ years in manufacturing and retired as a senior executive. Scott (#1 Son) has 40 years in sales and operations. Both of us are fathers of children and inventions. Both of us were born entrepreneur, however,  

due to various obligations, funds and 600 miles between our families, we were never able to see any of our projects through. Since the passing of my mother last year, Dad has now relocated to NC and we have finally been able to work together on a mutual project. We call it  "FliPSTONZPrimal Wristwear

Barry Pechner/ President
Scott Pechner/ Vice President