Stickrs n Stonz

Accountability is just a flip away

Caveman Technology

Living in a world where we seem to be going 100 MPH at all times it is often easy to forget about the little things we need to do in life. We work so hard to try and stay ahead of things that we don’t realize that we look past so much. A great example of this is phone apps, they have an app for everything these days! Tracking food, water, sleep schedules, habit breaking but there is one area where apps don’t help. Accountability. Apps can often be used for a week consistently then they become an out of sight out of mind issue. They get lost in the sea of all our other apps that they lose their value. What if you can have something that always stands out though? Say, something like a bracelet? Well that’s where Stickrs n Stonz really shines! We made a product that will help you keep track of daily task to help keep you accountable, best part? It is always on your wrist and it is engaging allowing you to never loose sight of your goals!

"Stickrs n Stonz, taking things back to a earlier time to give you and easier time."

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