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Hydration Braclet
Prayer Band
Stop Smoking

Standard and Customized STICKrS

We are currently offering 10 standard sets of stock sticker combinations. However, the only limit to what goes on them is your imagination! 

1- Hydration Band- Water droplet reminds you to drink/ Smiley tracks and gives positive reinforcement

2- Prayer Band- 12 assorted symbols of what we all pray for/ prayer hands icon to track and record that you prayed for something

3- Attitude Adjustment Band- Frowny face symbolizes bad attitude, procrastination or complacency/ Smiley tracks you ability to get over it

4- Stop Smoking Band- No smoking symbol represents the urge to smoke/ Smiley tracks your ability to beat the urge

5-Task Band- Colored target symbols on one side to correspond with your daily task list/ check mark on the flip side

6- Chore Band- Mom wears this! symbols of things the kids do for chores around the house on one side/ Smiley on the flip side that tracks their progress

7- Fund Raising Tools- Customized to your specs. 

8- Chameleon Band- 4 families of camouflage color stickers on one side/ set of black stickers on the other

9- Elephant Band- Picture of an elephant on one side/ Picture of and elephant with a bite taken out of it on the flip side

10- Missing Link- Custom made QR code labels that any smart phone can read and link you straight to a specific site in cyber space

The Hydration Band   (1Medium)                                  

"FLiPSTONZ" STICKrS N STONZ Primal Wrist Wear Tool Kit                                                                                     

Hydration Band  - Helps remind you to drink more water, tracks your progress and rewards you with positive reinforcement

1 Medium Wrist  Approx. 6-7"

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