Anne Higgins Petz, critically acclaimed author was one of the first people to use our 

"STOP SMOKING" band.  If you are a smoker, you know how easily the URGE will come upon you. Most people don't  understand why they smoke, but know they can't stop! This is because they don't understand how the brain works and why they can't stop! Somewhere along the line in a smokers life, they associated smoking a cigarette with a stressful situation. Now every time they get into a stressful situation, they grab a cigarette and light up. Stressful situation/ Cigarette/ Stressful situation/ Cigarette! When you do something over and over again you create a HABIT and your brain will create an auto response based upon your associations.

Therefore, until you change your association to the cigarette, you will not stop!    


 The simple solution is here NO patches, NO Gum, NO Drugs, NO Rehab. Just a simple band. The FLIPSTONZ "NO SMOKING" Band. Now, every time you get into the stressful situation and go for the cigarette, just stare at the NO SMOKING symbol on the beaded band. Ask yourself why you think you need the cigarette, fight the urge, and replace the thought with one of why your life would be better if you didn't light up that cigarette. Then simply FLIP the bead over and stare at the "Smiley Face". You will Feel Good about the fact that you won a  small battle and track your victories, instead of you cigarettes at the end of the day. After a short while you will develop a new association to the cigarettes and  will no longer be held captive. 


Hydration Band

Ce Ce McGowan, a NC Bank Manager noticed one of our first "Hydration Band" prototypes on Dad's wrist while processing his new account. After a little paperwork and some interesting conversation, Dad left the bank only to come back the next day to bring Ce Ce a bracelet to trial. Apparently she was very happy with it, and wound up being very instrumental in our research and development.