While driving back from a business trip, I gradually became focused on a rubber band bracelet that someone gave me. It was right in front of my face as my hands gripped the steering wheel. My initial thought was how simple yet powerful this thing was.  I mean everyone was wearing them for some reason or another, but outside of advertising some restaurant or charity, it was  basically useless. I then found myself thinking of things I could do with it to make the band better and maybe more useful in some way. After awhile I decided to call my father up in NY and started the conversation. He was the master inventor with 50 years of experience in manufacturing. I was just the sales guy. We had endless conversations like this one over the years and most ended like they had started, as an idea that eventually someone else did something with and made lots of money while we watched! After talking for a while, both Dad and I thought we had come up with a good idea. I however, thought it would just be one of those flashes in the pan. Something that we discussed and something that nothing would ever come of considering I certainly didn't have any time or funds to develop anything like this. 

  About a week later, to my surprise and delight an envelope arrived with the daily mail. It was from Dad. When I opened it, there was a prototype of our bracelet idea inside. It was a silicone bracelet with eyelets and magnets designed to record an action by flipping a colored magnet. I was first amazed that Dad put this together based on our conversation and had to immediately put it on and show it to anyone that was around. I called my son to come downstairs, dialed Dad on the phone and heard the oven timer go off. My son came running down to the kitchen, Dad answered and with the phone on my shoulder, I hurried over to grab the oven door. As I did that, a few of the eleven  colored magnets jumped off my wristband and on to the oven door!  Within 5 minutes I knew we had a great idea but it definitely needed a lot of work!

Our new objective was to design a new piece of wristwear from scratch, that could be useful in daily life. We wanted it to be a tool. Something that could do something useful and meaningful!  Something that had multiple functions! We wanted it to be customizable and trendy! We wanted it to be unisex, comfortable and one size fit's all!  And most of all, we wanted it to be affordable (by everyone) and have both meaning and value! 

Over the last year Dad and I have worked tirelessly to develop FLiPSTONZ Primal Wristwear and the STICK'rS n STONZ Primal Tool Kit. The concept is simple yet powerful, customizable, multifunctional and useful. Hope you like them! 


For Individual Use

FLiPSTONZ Primal Wristwear was designed to be useful by assisting individuals to stay focused on a goal. They will not only remind you to do something but can be additionally used as a tracking mechanism. We have developed 10 wrist bands to date but there is virtually no limit as to what they can be used for! 

1- Hydration Band- Reminds and tracks your water consumption

2- Prayer Band- Reminds you to Pray and tracks what you Pray for

3- Habit Band- Stop Smoking with Positive reinforcement

4- Smiley Band- Say something nice and share a smile


For Business Use

FLiPSTONZ Primal Wristwear can be used in business as an advertising and fundraising tool. The sky is virtually the limit with this one. Now you can get creative by using the 22 individual tiles to say something and get your point across.  Great as a fundraising tool. It is the silicon bracelet on steroids! It will attract attention, provoke conversation, has longevity because it is made from quality materials, is extremely affordable, and is useful in daily life. And it does so without the use of batteries! 

1- Hydration Band- for organizational walks and runs

2- Prayer Bands- for religious fund raising

3- Smiley Band- Don't worry be happy! Share a Smile and Change The World! 

4- Missing Link- Share information through QR links

5- Habit maker or breaker bands

6- Show support for your team or club